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HABITAT /cladding panels for walls and tunnels


The panel is composed of sound-absorbing layer made of concrete wood panels “CIR MINERAL” (density: 550 kg/m3) and can be used as sound-absorbing cladding panel for railways and High-speed railway lines and as a sound-absorbing panel for noise barriers.

NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: length: 1.200 mm – height: 250 mm, thickness: 100 mm (40 mm corrugated profile layer)


  • innovative: use of this kind of material in order to improve the environmental sustainability of noise barriers. Thanks to its excellent performance and low costs it is used more and more
  • adaptable: a large range of different uses
  • ecological: without any synthetic or  polluting elements
  • fire resistant: the wood elements of the panel are completely protected
  • frost- humidity- and thaw resistant: no problems regarding climate or weather variations
  • UV resistant: no degradations – excellent preservation over time: no maintenance required


– possibility to customize the product by using different colorations (load bearing sound-absorbing layer)

– possibility to customize the panels by using matrix finishing on the posterior side

– possibility to use different sound-absorbing elements

– possibility to produce a double side absorbent panel, which absorbs the noise from both sides