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The CIR terracotta cladding can be used as finishing on sound-absorbing and sound-insulating noise barriers. The installation of this kind of finishing is possible on both sides of the acoustic barrier and is supported by a horizontal metal structure. Thanks to this finishing the noise barrier becomes original and unique. Each project can be personalized using the terracotta cladding-finishing.


The features of the Terracotta cladding are the following:

  • Brightness resistance of the locking caps over time
  • Flexural strength and break resistance
  • Frost resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance




The terracotta-cladding is not a real acoustic device and combines the aesthetic and functional aspect, that means that thanks to the application of specific devices can be adjust the inclination of the longitudinal axis, allowing the orientation to “BRIX SOLEIL”,  in order to deflect acoustic waves and sunlight.

There is the possibility of completing the product with additional patented accessories like locking elements in polyethylene (CIR patent 20/10/2015) or BRIX SOLEIL