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HABITAT / noise barrier in wood


The standard panels are made of Nordic autoclave impregnated (chrome- and arsenic-free) pine wood. The panels can be made also with other wood types. The panel is assembled by using screws or nails in galvanized and stainless steel . The arrangement of the strips can be customised and depends on the architectural project-requirements (horizontally, diagonally, etc.). Sound-absorbent slab in rock wool or polyester.

NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: length: 3.000 mm – height: 1.000 mm; 1.500 mm or 2.000 mm  thickness 100 mm; the panels can be superimposed to reach desired height, while the length can reach up to 4.000 mm


  • excellent acoustic performance: class A4 and class B3 according to norm UNI EN 1793
  • the wooden panel barrier harmoniously blends into the natural environment, fitting perfectly in any urban setting
  • high mechanical resistance


– vertical (standard) or horizontal/slanted arrangement of the strips

– use of different wood types

– inferior or superior wooden beams insertion

– optional upper and lower wooden flashings or wooden sheets