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HABITAT / Transparent Barriers


Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating  metal panels CIR HBS™  composed by:

  • posterior full half-shell sheet in steel, galvanized according to Sendzimir process UNI EN 10346:2009 (minimum thickness of the zinc coating Z200 gr/m2), and painted with polyester powder; different RAL colours and special finishing can be chosen; as alternative this half-shell sheet could be produced in self-passivating CORTEN steel
  • Sound-absorbent blanket in rock wool covered by a glass fibre veil or as alternative sound-absorbent blanket in polyester
  • anterior perforated half-shell sheet, faced to the source, composed by perforated or expanding sheet in aluminium or steel, various RAL colours, special finishing
  • ends are closed off with patented plastic heads in polypropylene, resistant to UV, ozone, hot-cold cycles

In reference to the CIR HBS system, It is possible to install sound-insulating transparent panels composed of:
– perimeter frame in galvanized and painted steel or as alternative in self-passivating Corten steel; the frame can be painted in all RAL chart colours
– transparent, colourless or coloured PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) or tempered, laminated glass sheets
– accessories and screws to fix transparent sheets


height: 500 mm

length: fino a 6.000 mm

thickness: 100 mm / 140 mm


Sound absorption: class A4 (maximum) according to UNI EN 1793-1-

Sound-insulation: class B3 (maximum) according to UNI EN 1793-2

The panel type CIR HBS was developed to improve some aspects of the “classic” noise barrier.

  • Continuous surface on side faced to the source (street side), without interruption and hidden columns; thanks to the HBS™ hook system it is possible to install panels outside of the support structure as well as between the HE-profiles (standard installation);
  • Light lattice steel structure: thanks to the HBS™ hook system it is possible to use different supporting structures like the lattice steel structure called CIR LTXTM;
High mechanical strength: thanks to the high load resistance of the HBS™ panel, post-distances up to 6.00 m are possible (with load resistance up to 180 kg/m2, for loads up to 250 kg/m2 the post-distance must be reduced)
Adaptable to different support structures (lattice steel structure or between HE-profiles)

Quick installation – time reduction: thanks to the possibility to reach post-distance up to 6,00 m the duration of the site is significantly reduced

Reduction of foundation costs: thanks to the possibility to reach post-distance up to 6,00 m

ATTENTION: all the documents and drawings published are property of CIR AMBIENTE SPA; all the solutions are patented or patent pending.