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The durability and mobility of the construction site can impose the need to adopt flexible and multi-functional solutions (anti-noise, dust-proof, anti-intrusion, delimitation). These kind of solutions would not require or need foundations or a fixing-system on the ground. In these cases the only solution is CIR MOBILE, a noise barrier in concrete and mineralised wood. NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: height: from 3.000 to 6.000 mm – length: 2.500 mm, thickness: 200 mm;


The lightweight sound-absorbing layer is obtained via mineralization of wood bounded with cement (CIR Mineral: mix of cement and mineralised wood fibres) and has a density of at least 550 kg/m3. The recycled wood is ground in small fibres of different sizes and dried at high temperature (about 350°) then mixed with mineral powders and other products in order to block any movement (or variation). The panel is resistant to weathering, UV rays, mould, aggressive agents present in rainwater and the atmosphere, alkali and frost.


The temporary noise barrier can be:

– mono-absorbing ( perforated and sound-absorbent on one side)

– bi-absorbing (perforated and sound-absorbent on two sides)


The barrier has no foundation-system. Thanks to that, the barrier can be moved easily and several times in the construction site. This barrier allows, if necessary, to recover the vertical panels which can be re-used and set in new dedicated foundations at the end of the construction phase. In this case the barrier  is not a temporary one, but becomes a permanent barrier. It is also simple to get a bi-absorbing barrier, thanks to the installation of a sound-absorbing layer on both panel sides.


The acoustic barrier is composed, typically, of mono-absorbing panels, which means that the barrier is constituted by a monolithic element in concrete on which is placed  the sound absorbing element, CIR concrete and mineralized wood. The panels, with standard length 2500 mm and heights from 3000 to 6000 mm, are fixed by mortar. There customer has the possibility of completing the product with additional patented accessories to personalize the panels of the barrier like using different colorations (load bearing sound-absorbing layer). This kind of barrier has a lot of advantages like:


– self-supporting system (no fixing or anchoring)

– quick installation,  simplicity in moving the barrier

– tested for 90 kg/m2 (for higher loads the plinth must be enlarged)

– no foundation-system (only a suitable concrete layer at the base)

– suitable product for the installation in areas with stray currents (no metal parts) – see installation in  next to railway-sectors

– high sound-insulation performance