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In reference to the installation of transparent barriers, CIR Ambiente propose a bird-friendly solution in order to protect birds of the collision with transparent glass. In addition to traditional solutions, Cir Ambiente propose “4BIRD of Eckelt”; 4BIRD is a permanent marking on fully tempered safety glass with tested designs and harmonised colours. Being tempered, it allows for use in any construction application and in combination with laminated safety glass it also provides safety against falling. Achieving up maximum transparency – up to 94 % of the glass surface can remain transparent, but still retaining their maximum effectiveness. 4BIRD designs fulfill Category A and are therefore “very effective”. Discreet and effective, permanent and economical.

 Every year, hundreds of millions of birds die in Europe as a result of collision with transparent glass. New test requirements have caused us – through systemisation of special colours and patterns – to develop the product 4BIRD. ECKELT designed the internationally protected 4BIRD designs for maximum transparency. These have been coordinated with the Vienna Environmental Agency (WUA) as well as renowned Ornithologist from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, to achieve the required protective measures to avoid bird impact.