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HABITAT / Metal Noise Barriers


Sound-insulating and sound-absorbing noise barrier characterized by the combination of half-shell sheet in Aluminium and half-shell sheet in galvanized steel. The panel is composed by a metal sheet in steel (not perforated), 10/10 thick, painted and galvanized according to the Sendzimir method. The metal sheet in aluminium is perforated .NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: length 4000 mm – height 500 mm – thickness 120 mm: The two sheet metal half-shells will contain either a rock wool sound-absorbent blanket or CIRFIBER, a panel made from 100% recyclable polyester fibres. The ends will be closed off with patented plastic heads ensuring perfect sealing between the panel and its HE160. Patented groove compensators, if required, can be instantly installed on the head and allow the same panel to be used on different HE profiles with larger grooves, up to the size E240. The panel can be mono-absorbing (drilled on one face) or double-absorbing (drilled on both its faces).

  • Stability: thanks to the sturdiness of the material and its special corrugation structure, the panel features excellent mechanical strength.
  • Durability: outstanding resistance to weathering thanks to galvanising and painting treatments.
  • Good Value: excellent performance is guaranteed also by the 10/10 mm version – with a favourable impact on pricing.
  • Resistance: Wind- and impact-resistant.
  • Low maintenance: thanks to the patented heads and compensators, replacing a damaged panel has never been so quick and easy.
  • Highly suitable for personalisation: the plate metal can be painted in all RAL chart colours.
  • Acoustic performance: sound absorption class A4 – Sound insulation class B3, corresponding to the highest performance classes according to UNI EN 1793 standards.
  • groove compensators;
  • centring devices;
  • retainer cables
  • anti-theft system