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The Polygon noise reducer is installed at the top of the noise barrier or other items. NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: length: 3.000 mm – height: the polygon consists of a octagonal circle with diameter 400 mm. Featuring special sound-absorbing properties, it allows the user to increase the virtual height of the noise barrier savings in terms of working surface panelling.


  • Outer element: composed of metal sheet components (aluminium or steel), bended, painted or pre-painted and also perforated
  • Inner element: helical tube in galvanized steel
  • sound-absorbing material: a sound-absorbing slab in rock wool or polyester inserted between the outer and inner element
  • joint covers: made of pre-painted,  bent sheet straps of width 120 mm, fixed by rivets
  • support structure: the noise reducer is fixed to the underlying panels by suitable sized support structure.


  • Aesthetic: the panel form makes the insertion into the surrounding environment particularly pleasant.
  • durability: the upper horizontal side of the octagon is made of a full metal sheet which limits the infiltration of rain water inside the device instead the perforated sides makes it possible to eliminate humidity from the sound-absorbing slab
  • mechanical resistance: the symmetrical and regular panel form ensures the uniform and mechanical strength, independently of the wind load direction
  • high acoustic performance: tests confirm the effectiveness of the octagonal noise reducer; the noise reducer installation at the top of the noise barriers is equivalent to results obtained with the installation of panels 80 cm high.


Application of photovoltaic surfaces on the full metal sheet