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Frameless barrier

Noise barrier with load-bearing structure made of rounded shape profiles obtained by pullextrusion. NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: • diameter: 255 mm • typical post-distance: 2000 mm


The support structure are fixed by throwing mortar into the pre-built hole for foundation. The sheets in PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) or glass, are fixed on the shaped profile. The gaskets guarantee perfect sealing and avoid the deformation of the material, while the horizontal frame reinforces the weak zones of the sheet

  • Aesthetical aspect:  rounded shape profiles without sharp edges;  in case of accidental impact personal injuries can be avoided
  • easy installation: possibility to move panel without use of specific and heavy machines; end product is very light and adequate for the installation on viaducts or for projects where the load-applications results limited
  • corrosion-resistance: no special treatments needed – safety: electrical insulation – cost: low costs

Profile-coloration; superior closing sheet

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